Play Pirate Cards Online Game

Start to play Pirate Cards online in browsers to show your card-playing skills! This action-packed HTML5 pirate-themed game focuses on a legendary pirate who has to beat all enemies on his adventure. The game features great characters, item animations, and unlockable pirate models. Before you enter the game, you can select your favorite type of field, like 3×3 or 4×4. Don’t forget to set the game to be in the full-screen mode for a better experience.

You are a brave pirate in Pirate Cards unblocked who has to conquer dangers and unlock treasures when making his way through an island. For every single move you make on the board, you must be careful and calculate it. Keep moving until you have no life points left. Aim and shoot cannons, collect shields and coins then defend yourself from dangers. You aim to beat all the bosses, get all treasures, and complete the game to become the winner! Have fun with it!

How To Play Pirate Cards

Use the left mouse button to click and drag to move the cards in the game.