Play Soccer Heads Online Game

Soccer Heads is an interesting HTML5 soccer-inspired game unblocked. Engage in an epic competition including tons of strange power-ups and play against strong opponents from around the world. The main aim of you in the new match is to score the goal before the rival. Otherwise, you will lose immediately.

It’s not easy to take control of your character in Soccer Heads free online and perform kicks! It’s necessary to move and jump promptly or you can let the other people get an edge over you! By showing skills, you are able to prevent them from attacking and avoiding their shots. Do not ignore the presence of special items! They will appear at random and anybody can loot them without difficulty. There are many differences from the original and you should master how to deploy your abilities from now on. It’s available to experience the challenge with your friends! Good luck!

How To Play Soccer Heads

Player 1: WASD to run, G to shoot
Player 2: Arrow keys to move, M to kick
Singleplayer: Arrows to control your movement, M to perform